New Resources for Job Seekers, Employees, and Businesses added to COAD Website!

COAD is excited to add new resource pages for Job Seekers, Employees, and Businesses.  Continuing our pursuit of providing assistance, support, and resources to Charlotte County residents during this difficult time, we have added numerous resources as well as a business contact form for businesses in need of help.


In Re:PROTECTIVE MEASURES FOR VULNERABLE POPULATIONS, GATHERINGS OF PRIVATE CITIZENS AND DENSITY OF THE WORKFORCE Pursuant to the authority granted in Section 381.00315(1), Florida Statutes, and Executive Order 20-83, I, Scott A. Rivkees, M.D., as State Surgeon General and State Health Officer, determine that a public health advisory is necessary as a result of COVID-19…

Amid growing job loss, you have options when it comes to rent and mortgage

Amid growing job loss, you have options when it comes to rent and mortgage   Amid a global pandemic, what happens if you lose your job and you’re stuck at home, but your rent or mortgage payment is still due? You need to call your lender or landlord. Many are offering payment options, but if…

Publix Hiring – Significant Surge In Need!

Are you looking for a job?!!! Our Charlotte County Publix stores are hiring thousands of new employees to meet COVID-19 outbreak demand 10-12 people at 8 Charlotte County Publix stores hired every week until further notice. Share please! Our local Publix Super Markets are hiring! Apply today! Click here to apply: