To Take Care of Your Family and Yourself During the COVID-19 Pandemic

You may feel as though you are failing right now - failing at providing for your family, failing at e- learning with your kids, failing at being an example of strength and hope for those around you.

But you are not failing.

You are doing the best you can during a very unusual and stressful situation. No one has ever faced before what we are facing right now. No one has created a guide book for How To Survive COVID-19 in Charlotte County, Florida. We are creating that guide book every day as we learn through trial and error.

You are not failing. You are learning. And you are doing better every day.

For Help With Financial Issues


  • (for help with utilities, mortgage, rent, etc.)
  • Call 2-1-1 for all other questions (or 941-205- 2161 if you are in Englewood.)


For Help If You Lost Your Job

Maintain a Schedule

Reach Out for Help

Set a schedule for weekdays and weekends, and maintain your regular bedtime and wake-up time. A schedule can help your family have a feeling of "normal" and ensure that you stay on track to accomplish your tasks for the day.

But be flexible. Some days you might want to stay in your pajamas just a little bit longer, and that's OK!

Your child's teacher does not expect you to do this alone. Reach out to him/her as soon as you have a question or concern.