COAD Website Adds COVID-19 Screening and Scheduling Tool

The COAD website has added a COVID-19 screening and scheduling tool.  Visit today use the tool to get screened and/or schedule a COVID-19 test in Charlotte County.  Testing begins on May 14th, 2020.

Ice T Gives COAD Shoutout!

Thank you Ice-T for a special shoutout of encouragement to Communities Organizations Active in a Disaster (COAD), all of the organizations working together, and all of those impacted by COVID-19 in Charlotte County!  Watch this talented actor give heartfelt uplifting words to ‘The CODE’!!!

Teen Zoom Therapy Group

In these times of uncertainty, mental health is more important than ever.  Everyone reacts differently in stressful situations, and it is common to go through changes in thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.  Adjusting to “the new normal” is hard, but know this – you are not alone.

NOW HIRING – Bocca Lupo

Bocca Lupo is hiring for all 3 locations.  Immediate openings.  FOH and BOH positions available.  Apply at  Please share and help spread the word!